Reduce the machining costs by re-designing the a braking system connecting rod

Our enginnering, who has designed or co-designed parts or assemblies, proposed a solution based on our machining know-how for the evolution of a braking system axle in the railroad sector.

Customer in the railroad sector

Our customer, specialized in the railroad sector, contacted us in the frame of a braking system connecting rod machined with a complex specific groove.

Encountered issue

We operated on this part by modifying the groove aiming at reducing the number of cutting tools used, leading to a shorter machining time and cost effective as well.moins coûteux.

Co designing of parts or assemblies is one aspect of assembly expertise of Andre Laurent. Our engineering proposes innovative solutions based on our hot forging, machining, cold thread rolling and surface treatments know-how.

Andre Laurent proposal :

Considering the requested mechanical properties, our engineering and the customer maintained the hot forging process while keeping a more resilient steel grade.


  • 10% saving in machining costs

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