Manufacturer of mechanical parts by cold thread rolling

Cold thread rolling means

  • Rolling machines from 30 until 100 Tons
  • NC Rolling machine
  • 300 rolling tools sets are available to manufacture nearly every type of thread before or after heat treament
  • ø 6 à 150 mm

Advantages of thread rolling for mechanical parts

  • Respect of fiber course and hardening of the surface.
  • Better fatigue strength: cold thread rolling ensures a maximal compression during the whole deformation, improving therefore thread resistance and avoiding any defect that may occur with machined threads
  • Surface rendering
  • Reduced machining time
  • Mastering of thread rolling process : no marks due to tool wear

Thread rolling process improves thread resistance.

Videos : thread rolling

Advantage of hot forging and thread rolling: Homogeneous and dense structure Respect of fiber course and hardening of the surface

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