Mechanical part design and conception dpt.

Design, conception, development and R&D for special bolting and fastening parts

Our design and conception department allows us to take action all along the lifecycle of your mechanical fastening and binding projects (component, sub-assemblies and assemblies). We can support you from studies and conception up to development and industrialization.

We are permanently proposing you innovative solutions and improvements.

Design of mechanical parts, fastening solutions, special bolting

design and conception binding mechanical partsWe define together the features of your products and submit you improvements and technical solutions for special fastening and bolting projects.

Conception of mechanical parts

  • Meeting the requirements of specifications
  • Choices : material, treatements (surface or heat), process, technologies
  • Study of new manufacturing processes

Development of binding solutions

  • Prototyping
  • Non destructive or destructive testings
  • Homologation of projects or components
  • Optimization of our current manufacturing processes

To allow us to benefit from our know-how, we establish a database of technical facts we can communicate you.

R&D for materials used in fastening and special bolting projects

  • Current and new manufacturing processes
  • New materials
  • Your current and future products

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Computing tools for mechanical part design

Manufacturing management

Our production planning is managed in finite scheduling and real-time thanks to the software SAGE100GP.We are able to anticipate peak loads but also to improve the customer satisfaction taking into account hazards that may occur all along manufacturing.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

We use the latest version of the software Solidworks that allows us to exchange forged blanks drawings or proposal of modification with our customer in real time.

Computer aided manufacturing (cam)

Our solution based on the use of MasterCam gives us a tool to manage machining sequences programs. These are managed and stored and we are able to diffuse them automatically in the workshop network towards our machines.

Other management tools

  • HR management
  • Certificates management
  • FTP
  • VPN-IPHONE-exchange
  • Pivot tables Excel
  • Servers virtualization

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