Mechanical products

ANDRÉ LAURENT, the assembly expert

Fastening and binding elements

The products we manufacture at ANDRE LAURENT start from fastening and binding special elements (special screws and bolts, special nuts…) up to complete mechanical assemblies (kit, assembled, glued or welded)

Wheel shaft assembled: Ø 70x220 - 34CrNiMo6Mechanical elements, tailor made assemblies and bolting such as shock absorbers, mechanical shafts, axles, flanges, pins, rollers, stud bolts, hubs, boss heads, bearings, valves, piston heads, rods, tie rods, crankshafts, screws…

ANDRE LAURENT SAS, manufacturing of mechanical assemblies (starting from 200 pieces)


We manufacture these mechanical components with different materials : steel, aluminum, bronze, copper alloys. We are able to manufacture stainless steel and titanium.
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Forged assemblies

ANDRE LAURENT company uses hot forging process for economic reasons and to improve mechanical properties (continuous fibre course)

Thread rolling

Thanks to cold thread rolling, the component keeps a better surface rendering. The continuous fibre course allows improving mechanical properties of every component of the assembly (nuts, screws, rods) as well as a better fatigue strength.