Safety and critical parts manufacturing

Expert of safety mechanical component, ANDRE LAURENT company has numerous certifications, proof of quality, safety professionalism, delivered by offical organisms or offices/companies that contrôle dparts or audited the company.

ANDRE LAURENT company customers operate in sectors where safety requirements are determining: nuclear, aeronautic, hydro energy, marine engines, rail, offshore platforms.

Manufacturer of safety and critical screw


This trust can only be settled with a high quality level in manufacturing, testing and associated services provided. That is why the company possesses numerous testing equipment, a metallurgical laboratory and a quality department.

André Laurent is, for instance, the official supplier of EDF for consumables. The company is certified ISO, BV, TUV and Lloyd’s, in other words the most required industrial certifications.

Moreover, we have the certification to supply components in nuclear building and maintenance, which is another proof of the quality and reliability of the components, referring to the sensible market, the critical products and the surveillance of the processes.

Some other examples may be mentioned, like chain anchors for forklifts, failure of such part would make the forks fall and crush whatever is underneath.

Forging and thread rolling advantages regarding mechanical properties

Grain flow of forged components follows the shape of the component.
This is fiber course respect, improving mechanical properties of the part.

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