Thread rolling

Improve the ease of use of a daggerboard raise by modifying the geometry of the screw thread.

Our engineering, who has designed or co-designed parts or assemblies, proposed a solution based on our thread rolling know-how to solve a problem of daggerboard raise.

Customer in the pleasure boating sector

The yachstmen of our customer, leader of the pleasure boating market, encounter issues when raising their boat daggerboard. This issue is reported on several discussion boards dedicated for the boating sector. According to these board discuss “only a strong man is able to ensure the daggerboard raising”

« Only a strong man is able to ensure the daggerboard raising ».Forum de discussions
The thread made through a rolling process improves the tensile strength due to a metal fiber respected.Jean Jacques LAURENT, CEO

Encountered issue

The encountered issue : a seizure due to the stack effect of two materials –bronze and stainless steel- immersed in corrosive sea water, asks for a thread quality and surface treatment expertise.

Andre Laurent proposal :

After exchanging with our customer, our engineering proposed a solution by modifying the geometry of the screw thread while keeping the same thread profile and same pitch (and avoiding any modifications to make on the boat already commercialized and in use).

Advantages of the thread rolling solution

  • Improvment of the tensile strength
  • Reduced effort in use
  • Metal fiber respected
  • Reduced machining time
  • No metal waste
  • Better surface finish
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Ease of use

When manufacturing monobloc parts, the hot forging process improves the mechanical properties of the part.

Approval of the forged part

The test performed to approve this solution have been conducted by the customer itself under the conditions of use. They have been positive in terms of:

  • Significantly reduced maintenance
  • Easy to use and therefore practicable for a wider audience.

According to the customer “ a 10 year old kid is able to raise the daggerboard”

A 10 year old kid is able to raise the daggerboard!”The customer