Alloyed steel

Alloyed steel: a range of materials for your assemply parts

André Laurent offers special screws, bolts and mechanical assembly parts in a choice of alloyed steels. The French-based company offers aid in parts design including the selection of materials: titanium, non-metallic and stainless steel to match needs for stress resistance, anti-corrosion for reliable, durable parts for the assembly line.

As a parts suppliers for manufacturers in a wide range of industres, André Laurent responds to specifications within the shortest delays. A constant supply of alloyed steel, CAM technologies and complete equipment for cutting, forging, threading and welding allows André Laurent to create assembly parts tested on-site for quality before reaching your production line.

Alloyed steel comes in a variety of combined properties to give greater metal strength, hardness and resistance against wear and tear. Depending on the part and its application, André Laurent can advise about the best alloyed steels for turbine blades and nuclear reactors, electric motors... Feel free to view the range of parts manufactured by André Laurent.

Alloyed steel: André Laurent solutions for the assembly line

Manufacturers around the world, trust the André Laurent quality for special screws, bolts and mechanical assembly parts. With in-house and reliable external ressources, every phase of parts production is met: from design your parts to mechanical and heat treatments for a complete supplier solution for customers.

 If you would like any further information about alloyed steel parts, please contact us.

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