Shot blasting process

Shot blasting process: parts manufacture by André Laurent

The André Laurent  shot blasting process is carried out using the twin turbine Segrem machine and is used for descaling and preparation of surfaces for assembly parts. A leading French-based company with a strong international presence, André Laurent provides special screws, bolts and mechanical assembly parts for a wide range of applications and industries.

The shot blasting process and micro shot blasting is part of a range of mechanical treatments, including sandblasting, roller burnishing and vibrartory finishing used as a multi-step procedures to create robust and durable metal components for assembly in the automobile, ship building, aeronautics, nuclear and electric power industries...view sectors of activity already served by André Laurent.

André Laurent can produce parts to exact specifications whatever your field of activity, ressources include heat treatments, shot blasting processes, thread rolling, hot forging and as an original equipment manufacturer, has design and develpment capacities for new parts.

Shot blasting process: part specifications

André Laurent responds to part specifications with flexibility and within optimised delay times thanks to responsive time management capacity, a contstant supply of raw materials and a commitment to quality throughout our processes.

 If you would like any further information about shot blasting process, please contact us.

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