Phosphating treatment

Phosphating treatment for your parts by André Laurent

Phosphating treatment is performned by André Laurent for adding corrosion resistance steel parts. As a parts supplier, the French-based company provides technical solutions to meet exact part specifications for sectors across industry and can supply special screws, bolts, mechanical assembly parts and is also an original equipment manager with technological design and development capabilities.

Conversion coating in the form of phosphating treatments can also be used on other metals such as aluminium, zinc and tin. A range of protective surface treatments are available for your parts, as well as mechanical and heat treatments to ensure André Laurent provides a complete supplier surface, reducing supplier management needs for customers around the world.

 Phosphating treatment is a multi-step procedure is an external ressource supplied by reliable partners. In addition to metal treatments, André Laurent has developed hot forging, turning, milling, cold thread rolling, welding and mounting on-site for rapid response times to your parts needs. View the André Laurent parts production and fields of activity which includes parts for the car industry, nuclear and electric power sectors, construction equipment and parts for ship building...

Phosphating treatment: design and development

From design specifications through to surface treatments and finish of your parts, André Laurent can help you develop prototypes for new assembly projects. The In-house laboratory provides testing capacities to ensure all products meet and exceed quality standards.

If you would like any further information about phosphating treatments, please contact us.

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