Open die and close die forgings

Metal shaping solutions : open die and close die forgings

At Andre Laurent, we fully master open die and close die forging processes that allow us to produce high quality, safe and long-lasting mechanical assembly parts that fit your machinery requirements.

The binding and fastening elements, in particular the open die and close die pieces, go through other metal shaping stages in addition to the hot forging. Thread rolling, turning & milling and grinding improve the mechanical properties of the dies and their resistance to corrosion. These machining techniques also help to reduce the mechanical friction of open die and close die parts.

Thanks to our team of metal shaping engineers and to technologically advanced screw presses from 100 to 800 tons, we are able to propose open die and close die forging solutions that ensure several advantages such as savings in raw material and shorter machining time.

Open die and close die forging: cost-effective solutions

At André Laurent, we provide optimised, cost-effective solutions by our mastery of the forging processes and the use of new generation machines which allow us perfect control of parameters, ensuring minimum waste through on-going monitoring of temperature. We have developed our manufacturing processes to include open and close die forging, grinding, cold-thread rolling and milling facilities for quality parts used across industry.

If you need further information on the open die and close die forgings, please contact us.

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