Normalising heat treatment

Normalising heat treatment: André Laurent strengthens your assembly parts

André Laurent uses a range of normalising heat treatments, nitriding and tempering heat treatments in their manufacture of screws, bolts and assembly parts for industry. With over 40 years experience in the field, André Laurent provides turnkey solutions, from the design to the finished parts with quality.

Normalising heat treatment frees ferrous metals from stress caused by heat during welding, forging and casting avoiding potential metal failure to achieve quality parts with durable results. André Laurent employs this process before the final surface hardening of metal parts for optimal performance.

The tempering heat treatment process strengthens metals, eliminating or rather unifying brittle particles for a solid finish piece. Indeed, normalising and tempering, annealing and nitriding heat treatments are chosen for specific parts and form part of a mult-phase procedure to achieve the hard-wearing assembly parts desired.

André Laurent ensures heat treatments and surface treatments suit exact needs for your steel, titanium and alloy parts. From shafts, hexagonal socket head cap screws, onnecting rod nuts, special screws to pins, André Laurent offers a range of assembly parts  to meet your precise specifictions and need for quality parts.

Normalising heat treatment: designing your parts

André Laurent responds to part specifications in the short lead times and works in partnership with players in the automobile, ship building and aeronautic sectors to aid design of new parts. From the design room to the delivery of your parts to your plant, you can trust André Laurent expertise.

If you would like any further information about normalising heat treatment, please contact us.

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