Nitriding treatment

Nitriding treatment: Heat and surface treatments for quality mechanics

Nitriding treatment is one of the processes used by André Laurent for hardening the surfaces of their mechanical assembly parts. Specialized in the manufacture of bolts and screws for a variety of industrial sectors, André Laurent is dedicated to providing quality, durable products for your business objectives.

Nitriding heat treatment to create robust and highly-resistant steel, titanium and aluminium parts for your industry ensures our products support your assembly whether for the automobile, ship building ro aeronautics industry with quality parts.

André Laurent provides a range of heat treatments to suit exact needs, from nitriding treatment or nitrogen diffusion for a hard case surface, quenching and termpering and annealing methods at the heart of our production line and in partnership with outer resources.

From turbine pins, connecting rod nuts, special screws to pins, assembly parts tailor-designed for your assembly line, André Laurent technology works with you to study and design your parts with the latest technologies of the in-house design and development office.

Nitriding treatment: André Laurent from design to production

André Laurent responds to part specifications, selects materials and treatments and finish for yoru assembly parts and aids in the study and manufacture of prototypes with testing capabilities.

If you would like any further information about nitriding treatments, please contact us.

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