Martensitic steel

Andre Laurent martensitic steel: anti-corrosive assembly parts

As a leading manufacturer of special screws, bolts and mechanical assembly parts, André Laurent works with a whole range of materials, including martensitic steel for industry. Using the latest technologies and equipped with the know-how and extensive facilities on-site, the French-based company provides turnkey solutions for all your part designs.

Martensitic steel, a specific type of stainless steel alloy, ideal for parts requiring  hardness qualities after tempering is selected in partnership with you to ensure the correct use of material for your piece design. Highly resistant to corrosion, martensitic steel is suitable for a wide range of applications for the automobile assembly line, rail and ship building parts and industrial equipment.

André Laurent provides serves as a parts supplier for assembly lines across different sectors, feel free to view production possibilities and the range of parts online. André Laurent is also an original equipment manufacturer whose design office works with customers to develop new projects and is a trusted supplier in France and countries around the world.

Martensitic steel: selecting the materials

André Laurent combines every phase of parts manufacture both on-site and reliable external ressources to provide a complete service, from the selection of your metals, specification to mechanical and heat treatments for your finished product. Thanks to effective time management strategies and technology, André Laurent meets delays times with high quality parts for your assembly line.

If you would like any further information about martensitic steel, please contact us.

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