Magnetic crack detection

Andre Laurent uses Contromag for magnetic crack detection

André Laurent practices magnetic crack detection to ensure its products meet quality standards in terms of structural strength and lifespan. As trusted provider to industries such as aeronautics, ship building and the automobile sectors, André Laurent provides screws, bolts and mechanical assembly parts to specifications.

Magnetic crack detection is one of the monitoring and testing capabilities employed by André Laurent for quality control of products and manufacturing processes to maintain its tradition for excellence in the manufacture of each part design.

According to each specification, André Laurent can work with a varieties of steels, alloys, non-metallic fibres and titanium ensuring metal quality with heat and surface treatments. CONTROMAG is used for magnetic crack detection, as well as machines for hardness testing, ultrasonic testing and surface roughness meters...

From design of your parts to each manufacturing process, André Laurent products are thoroughly tested for defects and failure to provide customers with the perfect parts for the assembly line.


Magnetic crack detection: André Laurent capabilities

André Laurent proposes a whole range of design and development of assembly parts and is a leader in it field thanks to ressources for hot forging, turning and milling, thread rolling, cutting and heat and surface treatment. André Laurent responds to your exact specifications and is an original equipment manufacturer for all your development needs.

 If you would like any further information about magnetic crack detection, please contact us.

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