Quality management

We are constantly improving our quality management processes covering the requirements of the most well-known international standards: ISO 9001 since 1988, ISO 14001 since 2000, EN 9100, ISO / TS 16949, etc.

We institute an annual training program to optimise skills management

trainingEach year we invest 1% of our turnover in training.

Our suppliers are regularly audited and rigorously selected according to our quality charter. Our progress groups ensure optimum control of our manufacturing processes and monitoring means.

We have one agent who is COFREND-certified in magnetic-particle inspection (level 2) and one certified in magnetic-particle inspection (level 1).

Your needs, our solutions :

We are prepared for the changes resulting from our customers\\\’ requirements. The computer tool takes our developments into account via workflows (automatic data transfer in a process). E.g. for products designed for the aeronautical industry specific data appears at each step of the technical design process (internal rules). Another example is our tool for the generation of technical processes, which takes into account the company\\\’s engineering rules. Knowledge is therefore heterogeneous and our professional knowledge is sustained over time. We have also invested in an Electronic Document Management tool (EDM) which conserves and tracks developments in drawings, technical data supplied by our steel manufacturing partners or suppliers, etc.
A regular supplier approval procedure has been set up, based on automatic assessment of quality, deadlines, responsiveness and competitivity.
Measurement of our customers\’ satisfaction is automatic. It is the result of several criteria: lead times, quality, sales follow-up, responsiveness, etc. It supplements customer feed-back obtained during visits by sales representatives.
A specific tool has been developed. It takes into account your needs and requirements.

Our tool can be adapted to your requirements in a few clicks and you can receive them at the same time as your products directly by email or by post. We keep these documents in our archives for life for the electronic format


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